A Toe in Salt Lake, Part One

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I just realized that it has been a month since I posted a blog entry. I am so very negligent. I could give you a million reasons, like the fact that I’ve driven through 21 states (and into another country!) since the events of my last entry. Or that I’ve been sick and drunk on Nyquil (except when driving) for the last week. I could tell you that this particular post has been sitting on my computer in partially-finished draft form for several weeks. But I know that none of those sorry excuses can assuage your anguish over going a whole month without me waxing prosaic on topics I know next to nothing about. So I’ll give you part one of this post now, and I’ll finish it up soon and post the rest.

This time the title is accurate, because ewwwwww. But we’ll come back to that.

Just like there was ancient Lake Lahontan in Nevada, there was ancient Lake Bonneville in Utah. And driving through western Utah, you see evidence of it everywhere. At its maximum, it was a huge lake.



A Toe in Lake Tahoe


So I spent a few days in Lake Tahoe. Well, I wasn’t in Lake Tahoe for a few days, more like a couple minutes. And I was in all the way to my ankles. But I was in the area for a few days. Was it ever gorgeous.

I dare you to click on that and not fall instantly in love.