So. Winter. I didn’t know it started in October. I had planned to be on the road until a couple weeks before Christmas, but when the weather started turning bad while I was hanging in Canada, I panicked a little bit. So I decided to start my wintering in Southern California a little early.

I thought I would be smart and take a route that approximated Route 66, taking me well south of the snow. Ha! I stopped for the night in the middle of Missouri, only to get a dusting of snow on my way out in the morning. And then I stopped for the night in Flagstaff, Arizona. And the snow found me. In Arizona! That’s my car under 4 inches of it up there.

So now I’m in Southern California for a while. The rest of the continent can have winter. I had my share in Arizona.

But then I start to think about the natural disasters or near disasters that occurred in the places I’ve been either shortly before or after I was there. There was the earthquake and then hurricane in the Northeast, a snowstorm in Zion & Bryce, a bigger snowstorm in Denver, and a huge snowstorm in New England, the earthquake in the East Bay, earthquake in Oklahoma.

If I were a superstitious person, I’d be thinking twice about staying in one place for any period of time.

So even though I won’t be traveling for the next few months, I’m so far behind in writing about what I’ve done already, so that should keep me busy for a while.